EFET online training: our Energy Markets Training Program (EMTP)

EFET offers a special on-line training to understand the complexities of the energy commodity markets for everyone.

The training offers the following extras: a glossary, web links and a library. Tools which you can use and/or download to have a look at later. After each module there is a quiz, so that your knowledge can be tested. You receive a printable certificate confirming that the training programme has been successfully completed if you have completed all the quizzes and your total score is over 75%.

The course modules are:
  1. Energy Markets
  2. Commodity Trading
  3. Life Cycle of a Deal
  4. Energy Markets Risks
  5. Master agreements
  6. Energy Markets regulation
  7. Back Office Tasks

The EMTP was fully updated in 2020.

The platform is compatible with all devices, it is fully functional and easy to use on smartphones, tablets, as well as computers.

For a company, the benefits of an on-line training are that it is cost-effective and convenient. And it is fun. For the user, the main benefit is that you can organize your own time. You can do the training during the day or in the evening, whenever is most convenient.

2021 Fees

EFET members: Euro 1.500 per calendar year per company
Non-EFET members: Euro 2.750 per calendar year per company

Both fees are for multiple users, all your colleagues can benefit!

As the fee is for multiple users, it can be an excellent tool for your HR department or your own department. Let your colleagues do the training as well!

For more info contact: academy@efet.org

Information about upcoming EFET meetings and current activities is available in the EFET Members Section.


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