EFET Mission Statement

We promote competition, transparency and open access in the European energy sector.

We build trust in power and gas markets across Europe, so that they may underpin a sustainable, efficient and secure energy supply and enable the transition to a carbon neutral economy.

We do this by:

  • Working to maintain the functionality and good design of European gas, electricity and associated markets for the benefit of the overall economy, society and end consumers. 
  • Developing and maintaining standard wholesale supply contracts and standardising related transaction and business processes.
  • Elaborating and promoting wholesale market design improvements and taking policy initiatives, for discussion between traders, market operators and others in the energy value chain on the one hand and TSOs, regulators, policy makers and legislators on the other. 

Our Mission Statement is underpinned by: 

EFET Core Principles for Energy Markets

The EFET Core Principles for Energy Markets should form the foundation for a European energy market design. Observation of the principles will promote free and fair competition between all producers and suppliers of energy. EFET expects such principles to be accepted by all bona fide participants in European power, gas and emissions markets, irrespective of their nationality, their business model and the location of their business. 

EFET Principles of Good Conduct for Energy Trading: The "10 Pillars"

EFET aspires to the adoption of values within our member companies, in which we, as an industry, believe. 

Member Companies